The Board includes:

1) The founders of EFMN

·        Adil Jalilov, founder and head of (Kazakhstan)

·        Pavel Bannikov, editor in chief of the Russian version, (Kazakhstan)

·        Duman Smakov, editor in chief of the Kazakh version, (Kazakhstan)

·        Alyona Koshkina, MIL program coordinator, MediaNet ICJ (Kazakhstan)

·        Oleksandr Horokovsky, founder of Analytics and Investigation Center – Factcheck projects BezBrehni (Ukraine)

·        Tasha Sokolova, founder of Monitor.Media (Russia)

2) Five most active members of EFMN – they will be elected on the First EFMN Conference, then reelected every year.

The functions of the Board are the following*:

– representative function: negotiations, applications, contracts, decisions on behalf of the Network;

– productive function: fundraising, expansion, promotion, coordination to effectively solve ideas;

– administrative function: organization of mutual events of different levels (general and regional, within groups, as well as internships and other), acceptance and exclusion of members of the Network, elaboration of statutes and rules.* Will be updated during the EFMN First Conference discussion