The Eurasian Fact-Checking and Media Literacy Network (EFMN) was created to strengthen partnership among journalistic and educational projects, whose primary goal is to foster critical thinking and media literacy of citizens, as well as countering disinformation and other information threats.

Collaboration among practitioners and projects in this area demonstrates extremely high productivity. So, recently 41 fact-checking organizations from around the world participated in a joint project to debunk the myths around coronavirus. It is joint international projects, which were simultaneously implemented in different languages and in different countries, which made it possible to counteract mass disinformation and connect technology companies such as Facebook, Twitter or Google to this fight against fake information.

The idea of creating a Network arose during the joint educational work in Central Asia of chief editors and project managers (Kazakhstan),” Bez Brehni “(Ukraine) and” Monitor.Media ” (Russia).

The network is also designed to provide comprehensive support to participating organizations, information, legal, and assistance in finding funds for international and local projects.