Оrganizations-participants of the Eurasian Fact-checking and Media literacy Network must meet the following criteria:

— to be engaged in fact-checking activities or projects to increase media literacy of the audience as one of their main areas (to be a fact-checking project or have a fact-checking section on the website; produce content aimed at improving the level of media literacy in your country; deal with disinformation and/or information security issues);

— to be independent of the state structures of their country:

  • financially independent of state budget funds;
  • not affiliated with representatives of authorities or financial groups of influence;

— for fact-checking organizations – transparency of the methodology and reliance on the use of open data are important;

— for organizations developing media literacy projects – to have at least one working or completed project in this area over the past two years.

Membership in the Network is subject to approval by EFMN Board. If you have a strong interest in becoming a part of EFMN, please complete the following form: